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Music Hall USB-1 Turntable with Cartridge and USB Output Review

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Still in love with those long playing vinyl records that stacked up in the living room hundreds at a stretch? Has the old turntable conked off leaving no choice but to either junk the records collection or buy a new turntable. Getting a new turntable is no easy task in this day and age of digital music players. Ever wondered how to convert all-time favorite songs on vinyl into the more modern, easily portable digital format? Music Hall has the right answer with its Music Hall USB-1 Turntable. This is a fairly new product by Music Hall that retails for $249 and has received two favorable reviews of 4/5 on

Music Hall USB-1 Turntable Review Summary

The Negative

The product has some minus points. One customer reports that the turntable does not output to Windows 7 and that the conversion of older 33 1/3 RPM records though decent was not as good as professional turntables. The same user pointed out that the Music Hall USB-1 Turntable was light, weighing only 15 pounds and thus not very suitable for heavy duty 'spinning' as a DJ. Synchronizing the turntable with a windows PC was not easy as the initial gain settings are high and what gets recorded in the PC is tremendous amount of static. The user had to switch off the pre amp and use a different set of RCA cables hooked to an external preamp and then connect the turntable to the PC to get the correct sound quality.

The Positive

While one customer had a crib against the light weight, other praised the weight factor as it made it easy to carry and install. The installation is pretty easy and the sound quality is excellent on account of a good preamp. The static balanced S shaped tone arm is user friendly and ergonomically designed to pick up the stylus whenever the user wants to change the record. The Music Hall USB-1 Turntable is quite good for an amateur DJ and spinning vinyl though may not be club standard, it definitely meets the requirement of any house party. The belt drive is quiet and both speeds namely 331/3 and 45 rpm are available. The inbuilt software encodes the music into mp3 on the fly which can be downloaded to a USB and on to any music player or the PC or a laptop. The system hasĀ a Audio Technica AT3600L cartridge, free Audacity software and USB cable.


The Music Hall USB-1 Turntable is a new entry in the market. The product is reasonably priced at $249. Though there are not too many reviews to get a healthy statistical estimation, the existing customer reviews give a fair assessment that the product is worth the money. It is meant for the home user and not a professional. Spinning can be carried out for an amateur DJ act and the conversion of vinyl to mp 3 format does yield decent results. Overall, this product is worth it.

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    Music Hall USB-1 Turntable with Cartridge and USB Output Review…

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